Friday, November 30, 2007

VOIP on the go

Today I was thinking...

why not doing a big change in the way I want to be reached (or reach people) while I am on the go:

right now I have the usual cellphone number + data plan for Internet access from my tablet/cellphone.

3 Italia has a pretty good deal right now: 19€ /month for 5Gb / month (over UMTS or HSDPA).
(It's 5Gb a week for businesses).
But it's a data plan ONLY. You can't make or receive calls on that SIM card (they give us a USB SIM modem with it) but you can send/receive text messages.

My idea is to DROP my cellphone number and to make the switch to VoIP only ON THE GO.

With SIP/Skype/GIZMO on the tablet this has plenty of advantages:

a) I can be reachable on several numbers at the same time: sometimes not really a good thing :P
b) I can get landlines numbers: many people have good deals on landlines numbers and they can be called usually for free
c) I can get location numbers: an italian number, an US number, a UK number, you name it
d) I can make cheap or free calls everywhere in the world
e) I can have ADSL speeds on the go (HSDPA is currently at 1.8Mbps in Italy, but the modem 3 Italia gives you can go up to 7.2!! note: the speed is limited by the BT2.0 max rate: around 750kbit/s )
f) I get full Internet access
g) SIP / Skype / GIZMO clients are everywhere: the numbers follow you on your next device

What do you think ?