Saturday, August 22, 2009

Xournal alpha for Fremantle

Today I was thinking...that well it's better to play for Maemo than working :)

So I went ahead and, after a whole day fighting with bugs and
packaging, I am proud to say that finally Xournal is available for

It's only an alpha version (as you can see from the screenshot above) and probably it won't even start on your SDK, but it's the very first step on the right path.

You can find it in Fremantle extras-devel (the build cauldron just sent me the OK message)

Stay tuned for the next updates.

PS: a note for Diablo users, I think I found a bug that was preventing
Diablo version from functioning. I will try to re-compile it again
sometime soon.


"Applications are also reviewed to try to prevent privacy issues, safeguard children from exposure to inappropriate content, and avoid applications that degrade the core experience of the iPhone."

Farting, thus, doesn't degrade the core experience of the iPhone and is appropriate content.



Friday, August 21, 2009

Xournal and Fremantle

Today I was thinking...that the community is amazing :)

In order to port Xournal to Fremantle I needed my old code. Unfortunately that was on my old desktop in Italy lying in the lab there. And that box was shut down (ready to be wiped out!).
I called my friends and told them to wait before wiping it out so that I could back up my stuff, but the machine is still off. I had to wait for people to come back from vacation before doing any serious work on the port.

Here comes the help from the community!
They read my comments on my previous post and managed to find someone who actually had a copy of the source code I uploaded to Diablo extras-devel!

That's great news, as now I can seriously start working on porting it to Fremantle :)

Thanks guys (qwerty12, X-Fade and stkeeps!)