Thursday, June 19, 2008

[UPDATED] Maemo: No Java and OpenGL ES support. Official.

UPDATE: Daniel Stone and Quim Gil further explained the status of the OpenGL ES and Java support in the comments to this post.
As they've pointed out, the title of my post is misleading in the sense that FOR NOW there is no support and no plan for it.
The "WONTFIX" part is, thus, temporary.
Daniel also went further and added a new comment to bug #1028

I will leave the original post below unedited.

This morning, during my usual e-mail check, I had a quick look at Maemo Bug Jar #9 and discovered this list of two bugs marked as RESOLVED: WONTFIX.

[This part is just plain wrong]
Thus, it's official: we won't get either Java and OpenGL ES support on the Nokia's Internet Tablets.

I was expecting it, but it's anyway sad to read that it's confirmed.