Thursday, June 19, 2008

[UPDATED] Maemo: No Java and OpenGL ES support. Official.

UPDATE: Daniel Stone and Quim Gil further explained the status of the OpenGL ES and Java support in the comments to this post.
As they've pointed out, the title of my post is misleading in the sense that FOR NOW there is no support and no plan for it.
The "WONTFIX" part is, thus, temporary.
Daniel also went further and added a new comment to bug #1028

I will leave the original post below unedited.

This morning, during my usual e-mail check, I had a quick look at Maemo Bug Jar #9 and discovered this list of two bugs marked as RESOLVED: WONTFIX.

[This part is just plain wrong]
Thus, it's official: we won't get either Java and OpenGL ES support on the Nokia's Internet Tablets.

I was expecting it, but it's anyway sad to read that it's confirmed.


Anonymous said...

Nothing more to say
No more ace to play


Maxilogan said...

Sinceramente non sentirò la mancanza di Java. Però da OpenGL penso che qualche cosa di buono, specialmente a livello di interfaccia (Canola ecc.) ce lo si sarebbe potuto tirare fuori.

Che dire? Io l'N800 continuo a tirarmelo dietro: vengo da un mese di intense trasferte all'estero e sarei perso senza, però, però... quando vedo quegli iPod touch all'aeroporto, la tentazione è forte! Basterebbe una interfaccia altrettanto veloce per dare 10 punti in più a tutto il device. Speriamo in Diablo? Io francamente no, le immagini che ho visto parlano della stessa interfaccia, IMHO poco adatta ad un device di queste dimensioni, impressioni sulla velocità ovviamente non ne ho, speriamo che riescano ad alleggerire un po' il tutto in modo da poter almeno sfruttare i 400 MHz del nostro motore :)

Omar aka Maxilogan (gmail, iTT, Blogger)

Anonymous said...

can only hope the next tablet will bring other strong "features" to compensate.

i rather have tv-out instead of gl
or a better processor instead of having them activating features from IVA

Jamie Bennett said...

Not having OpenGL ES is a big disappointment in my opinion. Coming from someone with a vested interest in it (I develop OpenGL ES apps) the tablet would of been a great platform. Another bad decision it seems.

Anonymous said...

Java is no biggie, in the sense that the community can provide that without Nokia's support. "No plans" for OpenGL sucks though, since we can't.

daniels said...

The title is extremely misleading. No-one ever said that Maemo won't be getting Java and GL/ES support. What I said on the MBX bug was that we wouldn't be supporting the MBX in the N800/N810 for a multitude of reasons.

Obviously we'd be insane if we weren't looking into providing GL in the future.

-daniels, 'all the graphics stuff below the toolkit' guy

Anonymous said...

Agreed with daniels, your title is misleading.

About Java, what I said is the obvious and already explained situation at the moment:

Same with what daniels has said in the bug report about OpenGL ES, this is the reality now.

See also - I have committed to answer about OpenGL ES support before the Maemo Summit.

Unknown said...


obviously I am glad you guys proved me wrong.
I am going to post an update now.

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to see if Dalvik works on these devices with Maemo and OpenGL ES. Considering Dalvik is a very low footprint, very fast operator (used in Google Android.) I'm an embedded developer as well, and would love to see this feature.