Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Back on Xournal

Looks like too many people have the maemo extras-devel repository installed.
They should not. Or at least, they should know what the extras-devel repo is.
The maemo extras-devel repository is intended as a tool for the developer to test out its code before promoting it to the real maemo Extras repository (the one that's pre-configured in your tablet when you buy it, disable).

Today I've uploaded an alpha version of Xournal (packaged for diablo) on the maemo extras-devel repository. Thus, those people got the notification of an update available and went straight to the Application Manager in order to update.

I see here two mistakes:

1) they should have not installed the -devel repository (unless they knew what they were doing)
2) the Application Manager should TELL from WHERE the package is coming from

However, the next release of Xournal HAS NOT YET been released.
And I strongly suggest, whoever has the maemo extras-devel repo installed, to NOT update to the Diablo version yet.

Check out this ITt forum thread for more info.
My post #198 on that thread explain how to solve the issue.

Thank you.

Original post:

Today I noticed that Xournal has been selected as "The Pearl" in the Maemo Downloads section.

Right on time, I would say as this morning I woke up and decided that it's time to upgrade my Maemo SDK to Diablo and re-package Xournal in order to make it appear in the Diablo extras repository.

So, thank you Maemo team for choosing Xournal as the current pearl!

Stay tuned, it shouldn't take too much time.