Friday, December 14, 2007

Xournal for Maemo in Maemo Downlads

Today I was thinking...that I should tell you that I have put the Xournal port in the Maemo Downloads.
You can leave comments there as well as rate it.

Just search for Xournal in the OS2008 applications section of the Maemo Downloads web pages.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Xournal for Maemo 4.0 (OS2008) is here (beta)!

Today I was thinking...that I should release the Xournal version for OS2008 Beta before the week end :)
And here it is, although it's in beta. And I need people to test it.

So here we are:

Go to this link: Xournal install and you should be fine.

It will install two catalogues (extras-devel needed for libgail) and my own catalogue (with xournal and its dependencies).

I tried to open the .install file from my tablet, but it opens the file instead of interpreting it as a regular .install file. I still don't know why. Try to save it and open it from the file manager.

One note, a big one: I tried to open a PDF file (Annotate PDF) and it didn't work. I'm focusing on this issue as this is by far the most useful feature of Xournal.
So do not complain about this :) I know it already.

Let me know EVERYTHING you find about the package, from the application installation to the usability itself.

As soon as the application is stable I'll forward the patches upstream and I will try to make everything available on the garage website (and put the libraries in maemo extras).

So keep this in mind: this is a BETA software. Provided as it is and I, by no mean, take ANY responsibility on what happens to you, your device and whatever is surrounding you! ;-)

I want to thank Etrunko (Eduardo Lima), for his first patch to the Xournal source code to make it work on the Nokia 770, and Henry Tang for his patch to make Etrunko's Xournal work on the N800.
I've used their patches to make my port.

UPDATE: Xournal port is now at its third release. I have fixed the PDF annotation bug and added support for Zoom In/Out and Fullscreen buttons. I've tested it on my N800 with OS2008 Beta firmware, but it should work on the N810 too.

UPDATE2: Actually the port is already at its fourth release. I have added a few more buttons to the toolbar at the bottom and bound the Escape button to the Undo action.

I am still experiencing random crashes and have no idea how to check this out. The console does not show any error or warning. So, actually, I think it closes itself rather than crashing.

UPDATE3: I have fixed the random crashes!! For the developers: you need to be sure that the D-BUS service Name clause has the same value as the osso_initialize first parameter! Or the application will close after few seconds.

Release #5 is in the repo, go update it!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Xournal for Maemo 4.0 (OS2008) almost there!

Today I was thinking...that Xournal was a great application when it was available in OS2006 (thanks to Etrunko's work to port it).
So ... why not try to port it to OS2008 (chinook) too ?

So I've been struggling for the whole afternoon with dependencies and recompilations on my scratchbox installation and well... I am very happy!!!

Xournal (0.4.1) works in my Scratchbox!!!

I "just" have to change target to ARMEL and try it on my tablet.

Unfortunately my girl is coming to pick me up and go home, so I will have to make the deb packages tomorrow.

Friday, November 30, 2007

VOIP on the go

Today I was thinking...

why not doing a big change in the way I want to be reached (or reach people) while I am on the go:

right now I have the usual cellphone number + data plan for Internet access from my tablet/cellphone.

3 Italia has a pretty good deal right now: 19€ /month for 5Gb / month (over UMTS or HSDPA).
(It's 5Gb a week for businesses).
But it's a data plan ONLY. You can't make or receive calls on that SIM card (they give us a USB SIM modem with it) but you can send/receive text messages.

My idea is to DROP my cellphone number and to make the switch to VoIP only ON THE GO.

With SIP/Skype/GIZMO on the tablet this has plenty of advantages:

a) I can be reachable on several numbers at the same time: sometimes not really a good thing :P
b) I can get landlines numbers: many people have good deals on landlines numbers and they can be called usually for free
c) I can get location numbers: an italian number, an US number, a UK number, you name it
d) I can make cheap or free calls everywhere in the world
e) I can have ADSL speeds on the go (HSDPA is currently at 1.8Mbps in Italy, but the modem 3 Italia gives you can go up to 7.2!! note: the speed is limited by the BT2.0 max rate: around 750kbit/s )
f) I get full Internet access
g) SIP / Skype / GIZMO clients are everywhere: the numbers follow you on your next device

What do you think ?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

OS2008 on the N800 ahead of time

Today I was thinking...why wait December to check out the OS2008 ?


Oh, by the way, I was accepted for the N810 developer device program too!!!

Monday, October 22, 2007


I live one hour south of Naples and snow is rare during winter. This morning I found snow on the nearby mountains. Unbelievable. But this made me think not about the climate change but about how better it is to own a Nokia tablet instead of an Apple iPhone. I am wearing gloves.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Vitigno Italia

Sam decisamente immersa nello spirito della manifestazione enogastronomica 'vitigno Italia' tenutasi a napoli.

Monday, May 14, 2007


La primavera e' arrivata. Salerno ha un bellissimo lungomare attrezzato con pista ciclabile, cosa c'e' di meglio di una bella pattinata in riva al mare? Qui Samy affina le sue tecniche

Oh che bello finalmente si può andare a mare. Qui (Domenica 13 Maggio) siamo a Vico Equense in Costiera Sorrentina. Sabato invece ci siamo distesi sulla spiaggia della Litoranea di Pontecagnano... il sole ci sta già decentemente abbronzando :)

Friday, January 26, 2007

N800 Discount code

Yuppy..I have got the 300€ discount code thru the Nokia Developer Device Program. I can't believe I it!!!!!
just ordered my own and waitipg for the order to go thru...

I am already planning down my project for it. More on this soon...

Back to work.