Monday, October 22, 2007


I live one hour south of Naples and snow is rare during winter. This morning I found snow on the nearby mountains. Unbelievable. But this made me think not about the climate change but about how better it is to own a Nokia tablet instead of an Apple iPhone. I am wearing gloves.


Anonymous said...


I used to live in Mercogliano, near Avellino, in the 80's when I was in the U.S. military base there on Mt. Vergine. I loved the beauty of the mountains there in the winter with the snow, but also the fact that I could make the 45-minute drive to Naples or Salerno and be in short sleeves. ;^).

Someday, we'll return for a visit. Many, many fond memories of Italia.

Unknown said...

When you we'll return in Italy, just let me know. :)

Unknown said...

In the picture could not miss the munnezza

Unknown said...

That's not the "munnezza" you're reading on the news as this is not Naples, but nearby Salerno.
Here we do not suffer of such a huge problem (fortunately).
The "munnezza" you see on the picture is the one that is gathered ever morning.
It's just that I leave my house before they come to pick it up.