Wednesday, February 17, 2010

MeeGo is born, what about me?

Today I was thinking...too much.

Too many news in the last few days. Coupled with my imminent relocation to Canada. Coupled with Xournal demanding more and more time.

Anyway.. I gave up thinking. MeeGo didn't Go, it Came and it's going to stay.
Maemo went. And I say goodbye to it. I will miss the brand.

So now, as Maemo developer and as Maemo community member I need to choose.
And I suppose the answer is easy to reach.

MeeGo came and I am going to jump on it.
Why shouldn't I ?

I was going (actually... let's use the proper word: forced; I was forced) to move to Qt anyway.
From my developer point of view nothing will change.
If Maemo 6 was about to arrive, I'd have to learn Qt anyway if I wanted to stay up to date with it.

I hate thinking I need to rewrite to whole Xournal UI because of that.
I had to postpone a few ideas (HRW and better 'background' tools) to when the Qt transaction of Xournal will be completed.
And I don't like that. I wanted to have some fun implementing new features, whilst now I need to re-concentrate, again, on the UI.
Sure I will have the opportunity to learn Qt, I will try to implement the Xournal "Next Gen" UI that Patricia kindly developed for Xournal.
But I planned differently and I am forced to change that.

I hope Nokia won't change idea again. I hope THIS is their commitment. And that they will stick with it.
The Qt UI has to be the latest mobile UI that Xournal will have. Please.