Friday, December 14, 2007

Xournal for Maemo in Maemo Downlads

Today I was thinking...that I should tell you that I have put the Xournal port in the Maemo Downloads.
You can leave comments there as well as rate it.

Just search for Xournal in the OS2008 applications section of the Maemo Downloads web pages.


Simon said...

Does it still close periodically? I'm waiting for that to get fixed before I use it again. Thanks for the porting effort - Xournal is one of those apps that catches people's attention when they see it running on a handheld device.

Anidel said...

No it does not. I've fixed that bug in the release #5.

Simon said...

Ah yes, I just read the other blog post (by accident, of course), and saw that you've fixed it. That's very cool, I can use Xournal again! Thanks a lot!

Anidel said...

Yeah sorry if I am putting the news all over the world (here, in the ITT forum, Maemo download), but as soon as I'll solve a few more issues I'll put it into the garage

Bruce said...

Thanks Anidel!
I've been using it all day.
Question; did you disable printing? I have cups installed and would love to be able to print. I see the menu item but it is disabled.

btw, I did get f6 to work. I had to use gtk_f6 which is whst i think you suggested. So thanks for that too!


Arturo Portnoy said...

please, when you are able, place a complete packagem on maemo, so installation for newbies will be possible. anxiously awaiting package. thanks! arturo

arturo said...

Im trying without succes to install xournal... ingo to maemo, xournai shows up as a 2.2 mb file, but app managercsays halfway through install that it cannotninstall. where re the other 13 mbs? please help.

Anidel said...


first of all Xournal is in the Maemo Downloads section.

Second, I just tried installing it (by clicking on the Install Now button in the Downloads section of the Maemo site) and it installed without any problem at all.

May be you're still experiencing problems with the Maemo repositories ?

snoyt said...


Xournal seems to run mostly fine on my N800 with latest 2008. Switching to panning (hand with blocks icon) gives trouble.

Second the sample rate of the free draw is very low. An chance to improve the algorithm? Like upgrade sampling 5 -10 times. And then do in the background segmentsurgery. Remove linesegments where linegradient is very low and keep data compact? Or convert to bsplines. It will assure a quick screen redraw and less data, while still keeping handwriting pretty readible.

Anidel said...

Most of these complaints should be addressed to the Xournal author.
I am only the Maemo port maintainer.

About the slow sample rates, it happens only in rare occasions (at least to me) and I have no idea what's causing it so far...