Saturday, August 22, 2009

Xournal alpha for Fremantle

Today I was thinking...that well it's better to play for Maemo than working :)

So I went ahead and, after a whole day fighting with bugs and
packaging, I am proud to say that finally Xournal is available for

It's only an alpha version (as you can see from the screenshot above) and probably it won't even start on your SDK, but it's the very first step on the right path.

You can find it in Fremantle extras-devel (the build cauldron just sent me the OK message)

Stay tuned for the next updates.

PS: a note for Diablo users, I think I found a bug that was preventing
Diablo version from functioning. I will try to re-compile it again
sometime soon.


Ernesto de Bernardis said...

Great! :-)

Emanuele "∞" Vulcano said...

Be it known that I have the Fremantle b2 SDK installed in a virtual machine. Who knows? Mover for Maemo? :)

Unknown said...

Hey Ema!! That's great news indeed :)
Beware, developing for Maemo, right now, it's very 'hacky'.

Next generation of Maemo will switch to Qt and Qt itself is already available (community supported) for Fremantle.
You may want to start from there, instead of learning GTK+.

Jens said...

hi anidel,
great work. this is a very useful application (i got my nokia 810 just a week before). i updated my os version to 2008 yesterday. i'm not sure if i understand right, there is not working xournal for this version yet? will the fremantle version will work on my sys?
best from germany

Unknown said...

Jens, the version for Chinook works fine on the Diablo version you've just updated to.

Point your tablet's browser here and click on the Install icon to install it:


Anonymous said...

I do not have a Maemo device, but I am planning on getting a N900 when it comes out. Xournal looks like a great app that I could use a lot. I just want to ask: is it at all possible to export notes to Microsoft OneNote in any way?

Unknown said...

Never heard of MS OneNote before, could you provide more informations? What kind of data does it is capable of importing?

Are you aware of any API open to developers to upload data to the OneNote cloud?