Thursday, January 31, 2008

Update on Xournal port development

Today I was thinking...that I should tell you guys that I am just too busy at work these days.
I should have a bunch of hours next week.
Things to do:

a) make it a real port. I should start from the debian sources (for ghostscript, xournal and imagemagick) and put the correctly made deb files to maemo extras-devel waiting to put them in extras.
b) fix the libart dependency (this follows almost automatically from (a) )
c) fix the icon placementes as noted in a post on the ITT forum and on a comment here on this blog

It shouldn't take too much, but I need at least an afternoon to make it.

Keep sending feedback on the port (particulary on improvements and on issues you may think are related to the port).
I have noticed that some requests should be made to the Xournal author
You should use the Xournal feedback channels to do that. I don't have the time to forward them and they are not looking at my port's pages.

So... see you next week.

UPDATE: next week has come and is almost gone already. I have been busy at work and busy preparing for two job interviews I am going thru these days. Wish me good luck about those and let's hope I will have some spare time this week end to fix the issues with Xournal.
Thanks for your understanding ! (as I am sure you all understand)

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