Tuesday, May 13, 2008

iPhone version of Google Reader on the N810

Today I was going thru my feed subscriptions on Google Reader when I hit this interesting post from Jonathan Greene (aka atmasphere).

With no further ado I pointed my n810's browser to the iPhone version of Google Reader...awesome.

This made me think.. why they had to wait for the iPhone to come out in order to make stuff like that ?
Why other websites feel being pushed by the iPhone and not by the pletora of tablet-like devices running at the wonderful resolution of 800x480 or lower (Nokia tablets, Asus EEE PC, UMPCs, and so on...) ?

Anyway.. I am now enjoying Google Reader a lot more than before on my n810.

It would be nice to try it out on the n810 with a rotated screen :)

From another point of view, I was also thinking: wasn't Apple advertising a 'real internet' on your palm when talking about the iPhone version of Safari ?
So... what's the deal with so many websites featuring trimmed down version of their pages specifically for the iPhone ?
May be lack of screen real estate ?


josh said...

I'm pretty sure that google had mobile versions of their mail and reader long before the iPhone came out. It's at /m I think.

Unknown said...

That's for cellphones.
I am not talking about cellphones.