Friday, September 05, 2008 Community Council members are going to be elected!

In few days (September, 10th) we will finally know who will be the members of the community council.

Please note the ".org", the council will help us (the community) make our voice be heard at Nokia and, vice versa, will help Nokia in listening to the Maemo community.

This is going to be really helpful and the candidates seem to be really good.
This also marks the first of this kind of council established between a strong commercially closed company as Nokia (even if Nokia is struggling to become more open) and a strong open source community.

Let's keep an eye on this link and let's get the most out of it!


Ernesto de Bernardis said...

Hi Anidel, what is your program for these elections - "per la tua discesa in campo"?

Unknown said...


No programs, I am not a candidate. I simply voted the one I trusted more.