Sunday, August 09, 2009

Xournal meets Fremantle

Today I was thinking...that it's time to start doing the port of Xournal for Fremantle.

As you can see from the screenshot I've almost started from scratch, but it shouldn't take long before I can release a working version of it.

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Anidel! Xournal really makes my NIT far more useful.

One point on the last port: I noticed that the colours I used to annotate pdfs with would change between the NIT and my ubuntu machine when I transferred the xoj files over.

Bennett said...

I would buy it just for this. I am serious. The ability to edit and interact with my PDFs in lectures or on the train was priceless. Gosh, I sound so geeky!

Unknown said...

Thanks guys :)
I'll try to make it fast.. unfortunately my source code is on a server in Italy and currently is off!

Hopefully someone is around the lab in Italy and can turn it on... :p

Unknown said...

Thanks for this port! Xournal has always been a long time favourite from when you since announced the chinook version.

X-Fade dug up the source to the Diablo version which had problems but you may be able to re-use code and save time:

Unknown said...

That's great! Where the heck did it get it from ? :)

Unknown said...

Actually that was exactly what I was looking for :)

Unknown said...

Stskeeps was wishing that Xournal was fixed for Diablo, I said that the source was lost but the source was available once upon a time in extras-devel but was broken, and then X-Fade said that he had xournal_0.4.2.1-1diablo1.tar.gz somewhere and would upload it. :p

Unknown said...

That's very cool indeed!
I'll work on it this week end..

Thanks.. this will definitely speed up the port! :)