Wednesday, January 09, 2008

It arrived!

Today I was thinking...why the heck the UPS is taking so long.. when.. IT ARRIVED!!!

Yes! My shiny new Nokia N810 Internet Tablet finally landed in my hands!
I had the 770, the N800 and now the N810 and I must say that it's definitely an improvement over the predecessors.
The screen has been MUCH improved in sensitiveness and readability (under the sun of Naples).
I found myself (even in these few minutes I'm playing with it) using the fingers A LOT more than what I was used to with the N800.
I do really think it's a different touchscreen. Not as sensitive to the touch as the iPhone, but still a lot more than the N800's one.

I'll post some pictures later.

Time to enjoy it :)


Ernesto de Bernardis said...

Mine arrived today also, and I must admit it's fantastic. I like it much more than its fellow tablets, and it's more similar to my own idea of do-it-all communicator.
It lacks only a sim card... :-)

Aniello, does yours seem to have a "gummy" surface, too, under your fingers? Or maybe it is not greasy enough like my n800 which has now a thick layer of bodily fatty acid esters from my own skin?

Unknown said...

You mean on the touchscreen?
Anyway I did not notice the "gummy" surface.

soknet said...

Where did you buy it?

Does it come with multiple hardware keyboard layouts? I would like mine with spanish hardware keyboard layout.

Unknown said...

I bought it from the Nokia italian on-line shop.
They didn't ask for a layout and it arrived with the italian one.

You can change the software layout, of course, but if you want the spanish hardware one, you've got to buy it from Spain.

Where are you from ?

soknet said...

I'm from Spain and the device it's not available from the Spanish Nokia shop. :-(

Unknown said...

That's really weird...
It's just out of stock or you simply can't buy it yet ?

soknet said...

I don't know the 'real' reason. The shop just says 'not available'.

soknet said...

Today the shop says 'AVAILABLE'!!!

And I buyed one ;-)

I'll tell you more when it arrives home