Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Farewell dear...

Today I was thinking...that I also should write something about what happened yesterday. So here it is.

You were my first and only Mac, dear.
You served me well for 6 years, dear.
You never missed a day, you never had a fault, dear.
You were always on and always available, dear.
You were the last, before you a DOS machine, a Win machine, a Windows machine, several Linux machines, dear.
You were the best of all, dear.
You were small and portable, dear.
You were light and strong, dear.
You followed me everywhere, on the plane, on the train, on the car, on foot, in the lab, in the office, on the sofa, in the bed, dear.
You were all of this and more, but one day.. it arrived.
But yet it was not the one.
It was willing to follow me everywhere, even in places were you could not, during those nights with my friends, in the kitchen with my girlfriend, in my pocket, at the vending machines...
It was lighter than you, but not stronger, but it became stronger later.
It was smaller than you and more portable.
It was not the best as it couldn't replace you in everything, but still could do almost everything you could have done.
It was the last, after you.
It was always on, like you, but even more available than you.
It is going to never miss a day, it will never have a fault.
It will serve me for the years to come.
It is my last Internet Tablet.
It can now even bring me where I need to go.
It is the Nokia N810 that replaced you my dear Apple Powerbook 12".
But I will never forget.

Farewell, dear.


Anonymous said...

Che Aniello sentimentalone, mieloso e carievole ;)

Ci ho messo un po' ad immedesimarmi nella tua descrizione. Ogni macchina da calcolo che ho posseduto, è sempre stata solo uno strumento, un'oggetto.

Poi all'improvviso mi si è presentata alla memoria l'unica eccezione alla regola e mi sono quasi commosso: la mia calcolatrice HP-42s (che tu ben conosci).

LLP, Andrea

Unknown said...

"carievole" è un errore oppure "che genera carie" ?