Monday, February 25, 2008

Xournal port and the usual story

Today I was thinking...that damn!
Weeks have passed away and I still need to repackage Xournal to properly make use of existing libraries.
I gave it a shot last week and I can say I am half way to finishing the re-packaging.
Unfortunately (and that's the "usual story" part) I have things to get done before the end of this week.
If I am lucky with the current code (at work), I will finish and have spare time towards the end of the week.
If not.. most probably we will see the finished Xournal port (not anymore labeled "beta") by the end of the next week.

I plan to get integrated some usefult suggestions that I have got from the ITT forum.
Moreover I will try to upload the port onto the Maemo extras repository.

Thanks for your patience!


Anonymous said...

I just found out about this maemo port.
Awesome work!
I had a few quirks with 2 conflicting versions of libart-2.0 on my N810, but dpkg --force-overwrite -i fixed it.

Thanks for your efforts! Keep it up! -#)

Anonymous said...

Probably because you've also installed Gnumeric, did you ?

That's what I am supposed to work on during next week: fixing dependencies issues.


Anonymous said...

True! Althuogh I thought of uninstalling gnumeric due to space limitations.
But that's a different story, and I'm new to maemo.

I'm taking my N810 to lectures today, can't wait to use (and show off) Xournal there. :)

Unknown said...

Great :)

Post also suggestions for improvements.
On the's forum, there's a Xournal specific thread where other Xournal's users are posting improvements...

Anonymous said...

... and if not then probably the week after that, and if not the week after that...
Thank you for your patience.

On the serious side, Xournal is a great program, thank you for your work.

Unknown said...

Yeah, weeks pass by and no news is coming out of my hands... i know.

The deadline has postponed to March 31st and I am very busy with my tests (actually with the code).

I will write an update when I have more spare time and only when I will be able to actually work on the port.
Sorry, this means that it is possible I'll work back on it in April.