Friday, March 14, 2008

Mp3Tunes Locker for N810 coming

Today I was thinking...the mp3tunes applet on OS2007 was cool. So I went and installed it on my N810 with OS2008. It installed flawlessly, but it wouldn't show up when selected.
Looks like the applet is not compatible with the OS2008 new desktop.

So I looked around and my friend Google found this:

Auto-yncing with tunewath from Mp3Tunes

That's even better!
No need to be on-line to get your musinc with you.. just sync it (ahhh that magic word has never yet been used with an Internet Tablet) and off you go!

Can't wait for this app to be ready and usable on my Nokia N810.
This device gets everyday more interesting.

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