Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Internet Tablet School made a tutorial for Xournal

Today I was thinking...that while waiting for me to finish the Xournal port, you guys should have something to do with the beta released so far :)
To help came the folks at Internet Tablet School who made a nice tutorial (Nokia N800 & N810: Take notes and doodle with Xournal) on some of the features you can find in Xournal (even though they missed the most important feature for me: Annotate PDF).

Simply jump here and take a look at it!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link!

I'm amazed this is a beta version, it works well enough to be a release version.

I did actually do a much more extensive video to accompany the tutorial but YouTube's 10 minute limit made me trim a lot of the info out.

I didn't want to put TOO much into the text part of the tutorial as there are so many features in the software which you would do best to discover for yourself. However, yes, you can indeed do PDF annotations which is rather cool.

Unknown said...

Thanks to YOU for the tutorial.
I am really glad about that.

By the way the "beta" label is for my port, not for the application itself that is quite stable.

I can't wait for finish it, put in some feedback I've got from the actual users using it and, at last, put it into the Maemo extras repository.

My paper deadline is approaching.. when it has passed away, I'll have more time to work on it.

Anonymous said...

When you make the final version would you consider upgrading to version 0.42 released March 25? It has the shape recognition tool that can recognize circles and other shapes and make them perfect for you. See the main Xournal page.

Unknown said...

You sure it has it implemented ?
From the website, if I go to the list of patches that haven't yet made it in the official trunk I see the "Shape Recognition" there.

Check it here:
Xournal Patches

Anonymous said...

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