Thursday, April 03, 2008

Xournal chosen as "Featured Downloads" on OS2008 User Site

Today I was thinking...that wow! After the cool video tutorial at Internet Tablet School, Xournal made a second strike and this time on the OS2008 User Site (the old "tableteer", reachable only from a Nokia Internet Tablet).

Indeed, the description is not correct. I am not the developer of Xournal, but there are four developers behind it and I am not among them.
I only did the port to the Maemo platform.

Moreover, they listed Xournal with the blue tag, i.e. as a "Nokia or commercial partners" application.
I am glad they consider me at the very same level of a big organization, but unfortunately I am not so big, yet :-p

Anyway, I am very happy that Xournal and its port to Maemo went so far.


UPDATE: The OS2008 User page has been updated with the link to the video tutorial :)
UPDATE2: The OS2008 User's Site N8x0 specific version is reachable also from a regular desktop at this address: Xournal Featured on Tableteer


Anonymous said...

Is there a new version out now that is compiled against the gnumeric libraries that it shares so that both can be installed cleanly?

Unknown said...

Next release will be updated to latest upstream version, will feature clean installation (from the extra repository) and will incorporate as much user feedback, collected so far, as possible.

I can start working on this, this week end.

just a bit more patience :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Anidel,

I am one of those four developers. Denis Aroux is the original developer of the program. Eduardo and me discovered and ported the program to maemo at the same time, so we decided to put together our work. We moved the code to sourceforge and registered ourselves as developers.

After that i didn't continue my work, and i didn't follow the program, but i still believe it is a great software fot the tablets.

You should speak with Denis and register as developer in Xournal. Clearly you deserve it :D

Congratulations for your work.

Micke said...

hi, love the program but 42mb kills my machine. is it possible to crreate a version without pdf export since ghostscript seems to take about 30 of it?


Unknown said...

Thanks "ivanfrade" :)

@micke: check here ->

Anonymous said...

hi there, just wanted to share my opinions on Xournal.
And is also very stable.
My nokia n810 for some reasons crash at least 5 times per hour..:(( But that doesn't happen when I use xournal.
I use it to take minutes of meeting or just to make a grocery list..
Thanks for sharing! Ciao!
Marco Govoni from Dallas, TX

Unknown said...

Thank you Marco :)

Did you try re-flashing your N810 ?