Friday, April 18, 2008

Xournal available in Maemo Extras


I just wanted to let people know that I have just finished to port the latest Xournal (version to Maemo (sorry, only chinook for now).

The most interesting features of the new version are Pressure Sensitivity and Shape Recognition.
You can find more info about that on the Xournal page.

The Maemo port has a bunch of new features compared to the old port (version 0.4.1):

- The user interface has been fully hildonized
- Added pressure sensitivity toggle button (enabled by default)
- Added support for the Maemo File Manager (double tapping a .xoj file opens Xournal)
- Added support for the Backup/Restore application (the saved settings will be backed up)
- Menus have been shortened to contain Maemo useful options (Uncheck "Options->Shorten Menus" to get the whole menu items back)
- Color support has been greatly enhanced
- Help support added (russian translation also available, thanks to ITT forum member "sashabe")
- Overall size has been reduced to the bare minimum

You can find Xournal in the Maemo Extras repository, so just go to your Application Manager, enable the "maemo Extras" repository and refresh the list of applications.
Go to the Tools category to find Xournal and install it.
The full size should be a bit more than 1Mb.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed porting it.

Click on the image above to see it at full size.

Note: Xournal depends on the package "poppler-utils". It is actually in the "maemo Extras Devel" repository
( free non-free).
I will contact the poppler-utils maintainer to see if he can move it to "maemo Extras".
In the meanwhile you can use the install file that I have added to the Xournal page in the Maemo Downloads section.


Unknown said...

Awesome, thanks for the hard work!

Unknown said...

You're really more than welcome :)

Thank me by using it, enjoying it and reporting issues AND feedback on possible improvements.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I noticed that there is no longer a save button in the toolbar. Is it possible to reinstate it in place of the forward to first and last page buttons?

Thanks for the hard work. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

I am unable to install it on my 810 due to missing libart-2.0-2

Anonymous said...

I can't install it on my N800 due to missing poppler-utils.

Looking forward on testing it!

Anonymous said...

Today, Xournal installed.
In between earlier effort and today, I had installed Canola znd turned it off.

Unknown said...

I have fixed the Maemo Downloads .install file to also add the "maemo Extras Devel" repository.

I suggest you guys to disable if after instaling Xournal.

Anonymous said...

Very nice! The export to pdf function is very welcome. I use the same function on OpenOffice (running on Ubuntu Linux) all the time to share documents with others.

Anonymous said...

Is the Maemo specific source available somewhere?

Where can the Maemo specific bugs be reported? There seems to be a long thread on ITT forum, but should you start a garage project for it?

I would like to report one bug that does not exist in the desktop version: if you move the pdf file that you are annotating, you can't select another file (the dialog for selecting another file opens, but you can't actually select a file). The desktop version asks "Select another file?" and you can press either "Yes" or "No".

Unknown said...

today's a holiday in italy, but i was planning to put up a garage project for it this weekend.
i will also put the source code on extras repo as well.

I forgot to do it.