Monday, April 21, 2008

Xournal is skyrocketing...

Since I have released Xournal few days ago, a lot of people downloaded it and now Xournal is among the first 4 (yes, four!) most downloaded applications !
Thank you guys and thanks to Denis Auroux, the real developer of Xournal.

And thanks also for the great votes Xournal has got so far.

We're climbing fast :)

I was really surprised to see how many people downloaded Xournal, but really surprised to see that it was downloaded more than Canola or Maemo Mapper!
I would have never thought this was possible.

:) it's awesome!

UPDATE: We're second only to Pidgin...I can't believe it.


Chris said...

Xournal is a great app, and thanks to your work I no longer have to have the 33meg ghostscript installed to use it :)

One problem, when I install it, it says that it failed to install, and it's listed as broken in the 'installed apps', but it works fine... Obviously not too bothered about it, but is this something that you (or anyone else?) experiences?

Unknown said...

You had the previous version installed ?
Did you follow the instructions on the ITT thread ? (removing the old packages, disable my own repository and install it from maemo Extras ?)

Anonymous said...

I think Xournal's secret is that it suits the tablets perfectly, a stylus and tablet works just like a pen and paper.

It's also one of those rare apps loved by both newbies and experienced users.

Nokia really should bundle Xournal (or an install link) with the tablets in the next firmware release. It's much more suited to the tablets than Notes, especially on the N800 as it doesn't have a keyboard.

Unknown said...

Xournal have changed my 'work style' :)
Now you can't find paper on my desk !!!
Un MEGA grazie dall'Italia visto che sei un Italiano :D

Anonymous said...

Im a kind of newbie, and I cant install your ap. I says that im missing libhildonfm2 and mimo0 and some kind of database.

What am I doing wrong ?
Or can I find help somewhere ?
Plz help!!

Anonymous said...

this is a truly great app .... thanks mate!