Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Maemo Summit 2008: going to berlin!

Today I have noticed that the Maemo team accepted my sponsorship application for the Maemo Summit 2008 in Berlin, September 19-20!

I was not expecting it. I am very glad about this.
I am still trying to figure out what to actually do there.
My idea was to talk (but not a real talk where you listen and I speak,but rather a session where we both speak, ask and listen) about issues in porting desktop applications to the Maemo platform.
I would like to also underline the importance of evaluating the platform potential before even planning to port the application.
This should lead to a better integration of the application with the Maemo platform.
Porting an application is not only a matter of redefining the UI (even tho this is another extremely important aspect of the porting procedures).

Usually we think about the mobile devices as a cut down version of our desktops.
Even tho it's always true, it is also true that the mobile devices, often, provide more new features that the desktop doesn't or cannot provide at all.

Taking the key aspects of the target platform into the right account when planning a port, is fundamental for the success of the port.

I will refine these ideas during the following weeks.
Looks like it'll be an interesting summer (job hunting in London, Maemo Summit in Berlin and a few conferences/workshops/meeting related to my research).


Anonymous said...

See you there!

Unknown said...

Hopefully we'll be able to meet earlier in Bath!

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